This is my horrifically under used blog. Everything posted here will probably be interesting to me.

This Blog

This website and blog is built using the Nikola project. It means that I can write the pages in markdown and compile it into a static site, which I then FTP to my web host. This blog I am writing using Jupyter (IPython) Notebooks, which when combined with a seperate blog meta data file compile into html and appear here for you to read!

This post for instance has the following meta data file:

In [1]:
!cat welcome.meta
.. title: Welcome!
.. slug: welcome
.. date: 2015-04-01 20:19:09 UTC
.. tags: 
.. link: 
.. description: 
.. type: text

For more information on setting up this Jupyter Notebook blogging platform see this excellent post by Damian Avila.


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