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Stuart Mumford

I am a reseach computing support officer at the University of Sheffield, who has just completed a PhD in numerical solar physics from the University of Sheffield. Prior to starting my PhD I obtained a first class MPhys degree in Physis with Planetary and Space Physics from The University of Wales Aberystwyth, during which I spent 5 months studying at UNIS on Svalbard in the high arctic.

My PhD studied the generation and propagation of magnetohydrodynamic waves from the solar surface up into the million degree solar corona, via large-scale magnetohydrodynamic simulations. It is thought these waves could help explain why the upper layers of the solar atmosphere are hotter than expected.

I am the lead developer of the SunPy project. Where I am responsible for the SunPy Python package and the community around it. SunPy aims to provide a free and open source package for the analysis of solar data using the scientific Python ecosystem. To see more about SunPy visit its webpage www.sunpy.org, and to see more of my contributions to open source software see my GitHub profile.

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